[Collection] Thoughts on TotallyNotMark's Analysis Series of Hunter x Hunter


This is a collection of my reviews of TotallyNotMark Reviews of Hunter x Hunter Manga. The analysis videos (found in this playlist) offer so many insights. They're a good to follow along if you're new to this anime, and offer an enjoyable refresher if you're an old fan.

In my articles linked below, I offer my comments on TotallyNotMark reviews. What I agree or disagree with him on, and my opinion on his takes for the controversial points. I try to not spoil more than the arcs I comment on, but these articles are best enjoyed if you're already a fan of the series.

With "Hunter Exam Arc" I realize from Mark's analysis how much foreshadowing the author put in Gon's character from the beginning.

With "Heavens Arena Arc" we learn about Nen (my favorite Power System in anime as of 2021.)

With "York New City Arc" we see Kurapika playing "Among Us." We also witness an amazing fight.

Again with "York New City Arc." This time, we appreciate the Phantom Troupe villainy."

An intermediate article explaining my stance on Greed Island arc. Read after watching the arc. Before the next two articles.

With "Greed Island Arc" we get into an open world MMO. "If you die in the game, you die for real."

Still in "Greed Island" we play the greatest Dodge Ball match of all time.

This list will be kept updated as new articles of the series are published. For now, have a nice day!

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