A Collection of HF25 Posts Published After the Hard Fork

Hive's Hard Fork 25 was a smooth upgrade with many small changes with big effects. They include Recurring Payments, a better HBD/Hive conversion system & no more waiting time to maximize reward curve.


Here are the posts I've collected in no particular order:

The obligatory Announcement Post. Not part of the collection but essential reading for context.

@peakd updates on the fork and the new version of PeakD's website coming along with it.

All the info from the announcement post above, is abridged here in @thekittygirl's post. Pretty Comprehensive!

@edicted update on the Hard Fork. It's a more detailed overview on the new features compared to the posts above.

@howo asks us about our favorite features. Lists some of the big forks updates to choose from.

@someguy123 witness update for HF25. He got the 6th block. Reminds us we my encounter minor issues in the next few days.

@deathwing's take. He describes the smoothness of the fork. He tested a few things and they worked.

This is cool! @rishi556 congrats @arcange, the witness who got the 1st block of after the HF.

@arcange's witness update after the fork.

@leprechaun's post for the #ProofofBrain community. Offers good advices on the new HIVE/HBD features.

Just a few screenshots of @apshamilton witness nodes after the hard fork.

What a better way to celebrate a Hard Fork than talking about an actual fork? @sponge-bob's post is so creative I had to put it here.

This is my post. Just a buzz about the fork.

1 hour in. @unklebonehead posts on D.Buzz about the quietness after the fork. -----

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