Inferiority complex hinders success....

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Good evening Hopefully everyone is well by the grace of the Creator. Today I will discuss with you about inferiority complex. I hope all of you like my discussion.

We compare ourselves to others in our personal lives and consider ourselves inferior to others. That thinking creates inferiority complex in our minds. As a result, we cannot be confident in our own work. Even for that reason we are sometimes criticized in the society.

As we often stand in front of the mirror and see our own appearance, we compare ourselves with the beauty of others. And with our own appearance we find ourselves suffering from inferiority complex. Or we suffer from inferiority complex in our daily activities. Which hinders us on the path to success. Moreover we cannot do anything new because of our inner inferiority. As a result, we can't start any work. Or even if I start that work, I can't achieve success. So we should all come out of inferiority complex.

Much Love And Best Wishes To All


I am Md. Kawsar Hasan. I am a Bangladeshi. I feel very comfortable to introduce myself as a Bangladeshi. An assistant teacher by profession. A writer intoxicated. So I feel very comfortable writing content on different topics. It’s great to know the unknown and learn something new. Love to travel.
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