⚽Day-9: The experience I got from playing the rabona game in a week⚽

Hello everyone,

Warm greetings to all friends. Welcome back to my Rabona new post.
How are things going? How are you? I hope all is well.
How are you playing the Rabona game?
Is your progress in this game too fast?

I just started playing the rabona game these days. I just started playing the rabona game these days. To be exact, I have been playing the rabona game for 9 days now. Actually, I don't understand football at all. So I thought this Rabona blockchain game would be difficult for me to play. That's why I was worried about starting to play this game, but I started playing this game a week ago.

Although there are many things I don't know about this Rabona game, this game is not as difficult to play as I thought. There is a guide explaining about this game and there are also tasks, so it is convenient for me to play. If you read the posts about Rabona game and are interested in this game, I suggest you to try this game. This is because this blockchain game is interesting and does not require a lot of investment to start playing.

My club name is WINELAY CLUB. 1 more day after the season. What is the number of your club? In this season 88, I am playing in League 3. My club is still no.2. I won all 4 games I played yesterday. The results of yesterday's game are 0;2, 2;0, 0;1 and 0;2. I have also prepared some line ups and formations for the 4 games we will play today. For today, I switched to a 4-4-2 formation.

Today I leveled up some item from my stadium. I plan to keep all the items in my stadium at level 3. However, not all of my stadiums have reached level 3 yet. Today, I raised the building yard and youth academy to Level-3. Thank you so much for reading my post to the end. See you next post soon.

@winelay 🍇

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