My status in Rabona Game (Day 13 - I'm playing the ⚽Rabona Game)

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to play Rabona game with interest.
My team name is SETH FC.
Currently playing in League 3.
I am trying my best to qualify for League 2.

The games of Season 85 are moving.
We are now halfway through the season.
Until now, my team is still at the top of the points table.
Despite the losses, they have won many games and have the best results in the points table.

So far my team has played 6 home games and 7 away games.
After a total of 13 games, my team won 11.
Two matches have been lost.

My team lost to FC Treffnix in today's game.
SETH FC 2 : 3 FC Treffnix
The result of this game is very bad. Losing at home cost my team 3 valuable points.
But they are still at the top of the points table as they have won the other games in a row.
Will have to focus on more games.
My Team need to be top of the table at the end of the season.

Goals For 25, Goals Against 8, Goal Difference +17, and Points 33 are 1 on the list.
My team continues to lead the table with the same goal difference as FC Treffnix.
The state of the scoreboard is exciting as well.
The difference in points isn't that big, so the results you're seeing right now can change immediately.

My team's RBN balance has decreased.
Therefore, upgrading the stadium and buying new players has been suspended for the time being.

I am trying to get the best results for my team at Leeds this season. Leeds need to be promoted to League 2 at the end of the season.
Will be back with more features in the coming days.
Thanks for reading my post.
Good luck to you all.

You Invite to play ⚽ Rabona Game.
This game is interesting.

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