Rabona Seasons 66-70 - Galo Doido News #2


After five seasons, Galo Doido finally wins the League 1 title!

Seasons Played in the League 1

Galo Doido was promoted to the League 1 in season 66. After an undistinguished debut season, Galo had an impressive campaign next year, fighting for the title against FC Bayern Munich until the last rounds.


Even scoring more goals than any other team and with the best defense of the competition, they did not become champion after losing at home to Bayern by 3x1 in the third to last round, a decisive result for the league.

In the following two seasons, Galo failed to be competitive enough, although they managed to take 3rd place in season 69.

In season 70, Galo Doido bet on the experience of some veteran players. With incredible teamwork (82 average Team Player) and solid defense (93.5 average defensive status), they won the League 1 title for the first time, reaching the League of Champions.


Title-Winning Campaign 🏆

The campaign was not easy. Galo Doido started with a home defeat in the first match. But the team was not shaken and achieved good results after that, even taking the lead for a few rounds. At the end of the first half of the season, with another stumble at home, Galo was surpassed by BlackWolves, the team who led most of the league.

In the second half of the season, Galo Doido beat BlackWolves away from home, continuing the fight for the title now equal in points to the first. After a winning streak with only a few rounds to go, Galo returned to the top of the league and stayed there until the end, winning the title by just 1 point.



Buildings Upgrade

This week began the upgrade of the GLD Stadium and the Training Center. The team is modernizing its buildings to suit the expected level of the League of Champions and hopes that this can attract even more investors.


Parking Lot
Office Building
LVL 10
LVL 10
LVL 10
Building Yard
Youth Academy
Training Center
LVL 10
LVL 10
LVL 10
Stadium Capacity
Catering Capacity
Shop Capacity
LVL 11
LVL 11



With the recent achievement, the financial sector that was in a fragile situation in the last seasons now has positive expectations.


financials are closer than ever to break-even

For the debut matches in the League of Champions, Galo Doido counted on the immense support of the fans as all 15,000 tickets (525k RBN) were sold, the absolute record for attendance at the GLD Stadium!

Also, they are in negotiations for the new main sponsor with values ​​reaching up to 5M RBN per season!


Season 71 Preparations

Despite being experienced and skilled players, the Galo Doido squad has been losing performance on the pitch during the 90 minutes. The Coaching Staff representative informed us that they are undergoing intensive Endurance training to keep pace with the top players in the League of Champions.

The team also tries to scout promising young players to make up the squad, such as Russian Alexey Novikov, who had the mission to replace the legendary goalkeeper Jay Briggs last season and was part of the title-winning campaign that guaranteed access in the best league of Rabona.

The Galo Doido's current goal is to avoid relegation and form a solid base of players to become competitive in the coming seasons.


About Rabona

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