The Rabona Chronicles #7: Annoying season

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If in edition number six it boasted of good economic and sporting management, this edition will have to talk about rather mediocre sporting numbers. Financially, the improvement of the stadium and the sponsorship income have made it a magnificent season. However, on the pitch we have performed below the expected level. Let's review what this season has been like for Real Valladolid at Rabona.

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Little activity in terms of stadium and facilities this season. Last season we talked about the improvement of the stadium, car park and hotel. This season we have worked on these aspects.
1.- Parking and Hotel have finished their upgrade to level 7. Now it is time to analyse what impact they have on stadium attendance.
2.- The Youth Academy has been upgraded to level 8. As I have already mentioned, it will be the basis of our team in the short term.
3.- Building Yard upgraded to level 4.

This coming season the Hotel will finish its upgrade to level 8. In two years' time the Youth Academy will do the same. This coming season we will take a small step to increase the level of the catering service. We will continue to improve aspects that have an impact on attendance.

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This season the changes in the squad have been quite modest. Only two players had their contracts expiring and, as in previous seasons, both will leave the Real Valladolid squad. A striker who has developed less than expected and who has not shown good qualities when he has played and a defender who has asked us for a salary of almost 10,000 to sign his renewal.

  1. Aymeric Collard - forward - 6333 RBN - Not renewed
  2. Kacper Janik - defender - 9992 RBN - Not renewed

Aymeric Collard leaves the team after requesting a new salary of 6333 RBN in a position where there are sufficient alternatives in the squad. Kacper Janik with an insufficient level in headball and endurance also leaves the club. His salary is excessive for the level he offers, being, as of today, the third highest level defender in a squad.

De la cantera, tras ojear a cinco jugadores, firman contrato:

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On a sporting level, the team has not performed well. Although it has to be recognised that the level of the league was clearly better than last season. We have gone from 64 points and third place to 40 points and finishing in 12th position. Opportunities have continued to be given to interesting youngsters such as Katiusca Arias and especially defender Matthieu Leroux.

The main problem this season has been the defensive level. We have gone from conceding 24 goals to 50 this season. Our goalkeeper is noticeably worse than the one we had last season. We are going to keep him for one more season, the one he has left on his contract, and we hope that the youth team will give us a good goalkeeper for the future.

End of season in 12th position with 40 points, 43 goal scored and 50 goals received


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A new season in which the team finishes with a positive balance in its accounts. The increase of the stadium capacity to 3.200 seats and the new sponsorship offer that multiplied by 4 the previous one have made the profit of this season to be nothing less than 612.662 RBN. The best season financially in the club's history.



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This season has had mixed feelings. On a sporting level, we have struggled to perform like last season and we have worsened our numbers. On the other hand, economically the team has taken an important leap forward and we can take a small step forward in the structure of the squad. We will continue to grow and once we see the impact of the car park and hotel improvements on attendance, we will undertake another phase in our growth plan.

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