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Seeing a complete breakdown of what you could earn in one month from crypto social media is super inspiring and it’s also useful to track so I will share with you the 10 platforms I used to make $1,424.14 CAD worth of crypto in June.

I’m committing to sharing these every month and linking you to my June metrics report PDF: http://www.filedropper.com/blockchainlegacysocialmediametricsreport_1 or where you can normally find it on my Linkedin profile under featured: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottcbusiness/.

This is a LBRY first video, meaning that it will appear on LBRY at least 1 hour before every other platform. Check it out by going to

To briefly go over my social media results for June, I received about 12,050 engagements, 18,720 video views, 7,920 comments, 7,740 followers, and 614,000 impressions.

Now let’s dive into earnings:
Publish0x – 34 BAT – $0.2455 USD = $8.35 + 182 LRC - $0.09735 USD = $17.72 + 25.97 DAI - $1 USD = $25.97 USD earned from post rewards. That’s a total of $52.04 USD.
Brave Browser – 30.894 BAT - $0.2455 from ad rewards and creator donations for a total of $7.58 USD.
LBRY – 10233 LBC - $0.029 USD = $296.78 USD from user earnings, content earnings, invites, etc. I was also donated 20,000 LBC which I sold at $0.031 = $620 USD
Steem – Around 30 Steem - $0.20 USD = $6 USD from post rewards
Hive – Around 270 - $0.208 USD = $56.24 USD from post rewards
Uptrennd – 800 1UP – $0.00367 USD = $2.94 USD earned for post rewards*
Read.Cash – 0.025 BCH – $222.97 USD = $5.57 USD earned for post rewards*

The grand total came to $1047.16 USD which is about $1,424.14 CAD.

Given I posted a lot less in June and LBRY cut its rewards in half, I’ve earned way less accordingly. It wasn’t too noticeable though given the 20,000 LBC donation I received anonymously. Again, thank you so much to that person! Things will pick up once I can get back in the groove of things, I have just been very busy with my day job.

This covers most of my expenses which is pretty awesome. $1,800 is typically the maximum I spend every month on my main expenses covering anything from food to loan payments to alcohol. I was able to earn enough to cover almost everything including rent again is so amazing and shows what is truly possible living as a digital nomad content creator. Do keep in mind though that LBRY has now halved their video rewards so that accounts largely for the drop in earnings there. Going forward though I will be earning more from Read.Cash and more on LBRY as a partner. Though in July I’ve not posted very much.

I’ve removed COS.Tv, SoMee, Minds, and Flote as they don’t represent much and I won’t be including Uptrennd in the next given how low the rewards are, I’m not going to focus on them as much. It’s also hard for me to tell whether their valuations are accurate.

LBRY has become by far, the most dominant platform I earn on. Steem has really fully died down with way fewer users there and everything Justin Sun is doing and Hive is contrastingly still going steady. I will continue to share these every month to give you a breakdown of what my earnings are to be completely transparent and give you an idea of what you could do if you did the same as me.

To give you a more comprehensive look, compare June to my first monthly earnings video from October where I was earned around $150 that month to now where I’m earning about 12 times that amount: https://lbry.tv/@ScottCBusiness:4/how-much-crypto-can-you-earn-in-one:7. In the future, I will do a look at all the months how I’ve earned and how that has changed or I will simply add it into the next one so stay tuned for that to get a better insight on my progress.

I’ve been earning some crypto income from passive investments and lending too, but I will continue reporting on those through my dividend portfolio updates, so look out for those to keep up with the passive income side of my journey.

What are your income goals? Are you using any of the platforms I shared above? Is this useful and or encouraging for you? Would you like to see reports like these every single month to get a better insight into crypto social profitability? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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