RE: Is Christmas a pagan celebration? (Part 2)

I'm not going to say I know how old the earth is. With that, I'm also not going to say that I know how many thousands of years the Egyptian empire of kings or Pharaohs lasted. Some people believe in a gap theory between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 that the earth became void, empty, that it was chaotic. They say fallen angels were living on earth for millions of years. In order to prove a crazy theory like that, we would need to dig up a bunch of evidence. I like to be insanely open minded about everything. There is so much I don't know about Egypt.

Adam and Eve were probably the first humans on earth back eight thousand years ago or probably less than that. King David was probably around 1,000 BC. The space between Adam and David is probably less than 4,000 years. I'm being extremely generous with the time allotment I'm giving to these things. Some people believe the earth and the universe are billions of years old. I'm not going to say they're wrong. But then again, a long time ago, the sun what have been a lot larger. So, that could cause problems. But maybe if there were no humans at first, I guess it wouldn't be a problem. But too much of that is excessive speculation.

I believe Christ was born around 4 BC. It's not because H.G. Wells said it. He is not the only person to say it. And the reasoning is based on translating from our current calendar system to the ones they had at that time. To assume Christ was born on 1 B.C. or 1 A.D. or whatever the case might be, you would have to assume they were able to correctly count backwards to the exact date he was born. And it is possible to do so but it depends on whether anything was lost in translation. It depends on when they started dating things based on when Christ was born. It depends on a number of things.

The relevance of which year Christ was born is in pinpointing which month he was born. People who study stars have developed star calendars that goes backwards and forward in time. So, you would simply need to look at their star maps or calendars to see which years had a bunch planets coming together in the sky. These things are pretty predictable.

They have a new series based on The Da Vinci Code. So, I was watching that show. I do find those things interesting.

Yeah, Zeitguiest sounds like a lousy excuse to draw people away from Christ. It reminds me of the documentaries and such that try to emphasize on how Jesus was just a man.

I agree with you in regards to how people can have limited perspective when looking through the lens of the English literature over the centuries. Well, that reminds me of some of the books not included in the Bible and it makes me wonder why Enoch and other books were excluded from the 66-book canon.

If Catholicism is not pagan, then does that mean they believe in the doctrine of once saved then always saved as seen in Ephesians 2:8-9?

Well, it depends on what Pagan means.

Paganism can have many different meanings.

I'm not sure if you've specifically defined Paganism.

The Ancient City.

Here is a free version of it. Looks like it was printed in 1916.

Do you believe in giants?

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