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Hi Ladies and Gents,
Who am I?

  • Please call me Latino Winner, which are 2 words that tell you my origin and my life experience in general
  • Bachelor of Finances and International Business
  • Straight mand consistently living with a Positive thinking mindset and Very healthy and sound lifestyle + believing in God
  • I feel in one of the best eras of my life so far, which trust will continue
  • Love good reads in medicine, psichology, tech, finances, important news, crypto and stock markets, blockchain, A.I.,programming, business, etc and also good communication and honesty.
  • Love Music with good vibes and positive messages/clean language always, including our world-famous Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Reggaeton,Samba, Tango, Pasodoble,Rock,Hiphop,Country,Urban,and other cultures,in fact, I am a latin music expert.
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