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Greeting to all the Hive family all over the world, Am so glad to be finally on this great platform. It's indeed a great privilege to be here since a friend @actordontee told me about how this platform brings great content creators together and he invited me here.

I am Gabriella Bukola from Nigeria a native of the Yoruba indigenous people with a BSc in Accounting from one of the prestigious universities. But what I love most is creating great content that'll make people smile and feel alive.

Hive is a community of great opportunities for everyone to showcase their writing skills and knowledge about various content and articles too.

There are so many things I like to do that keep me busy, things as baking, cooking, listening to good music, traveling, meeting interesting people, and also writing good articles. But am sure to meet wonderful and same-minded people here in the Hive.

My favorite food is Jollof Rice and salad, am always delighted whenever I see it. Most importantly it's very nourishing, as I put all my heart into it when I make this dish, and so many other delicious meals I also prepare, and I'll show you all in my post as time goes on.

Let me also talk about my love for baking and catering, since it's a lucrative business and great skills which I had to learn after my degree at the University. Today am so grateful to have such an experience. My work speaks for me and it gives me great joy when my clients are happy.

As have said earlier, I hope to be accepted here at Hive, to learn more from great writers, and also to be recognized as well... Thanks for welcoming me into this amazing family Hivers!

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