My Introduction to this great community.


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My name is Opeyemi, I was introduced to this platform by a friend @treasuree . I'm a professional Engineer, with a bagged(BSC in Civil Engineering)
I design houses, bridges and roads but have been a passionate writer for a long time.

I hope to meet devoted readers in HIVE all over the world, who love to read excellent articles as my friend told me. He also encouraged me further by saying since I'm a fantastic content creator, I might even get rewarded and connected.

I went ahead to did some research on HIVE and I learnt the following points below:

✳Hive is a global community for leaders making a positive impact in the world with over 3500 alumni in 130 countries.
✳Hive was built upon the three pillars of purpose, growth and community.

I love these major pillars of Hive and it was part of the major reasons I joined because I love impacting lives and making difference in my community.

A lot of people are facing different challenges in every aspect of their life, thereby leading to depression and trauma, but with a community like Hive, there will be positive changes in people's life.
You will meet people, interact and engage with several contents, life will be touched and happiness will be the key to everyone's heart and soul.

Since I'm a cheerful guy, I like telling jokes. I like hearing people's laughter because it temporarily reduces tension, therefore I appreciate hearing it from other people.
However, I am prepared to listen carefully and act seriously if major issues arise.

I'm from Africa, and my country is Nigeria, my favourite colour is red, also my favourite food is pounded yam and vegetable soup(this is a local dish in the Yoruba Ethnic group in Nigeria)

Hive has some great communities, and I'm looking forward to following people here, reading their posts and commenting.
I hope you will enjoy my content as I will be displaying my Engineering works and also my writing skills.
I'm grateful that you allowed me to join your beautiful community. LOVE YOU ALL 💗😘

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