Make It Simple For Others

Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay

There is no life without problem and complication but we hardly understand others and misunderstand most of the time. We should make things simple and easy for others and Almighty also appreciate this and as a reward Almighty makes things simple for us too. But when we make things simple for others, we shouldn’t expect a return for it. We live in our good deeds and when we expect return, it hardly appreciated or respected.

Teachers makes lessons simple for students as a result those students perform well in their exam. At least there is no fear left because things made simple and easy. Many students get scared for upcoming exams and get stress but parents and teachers can make them feel relax and study well and this is the simple path they show students.

Many people before trying something challenging thinks again and again and look for some positive views that can make the challenge easy for them. But unfortunately what we see and experience most of the time? When you going to try something good which usually found difficult and has a lots of complications, at that time there are many people around you will make you stop by saying negative words and you will find it really very difficult and full of complex. But other people can make it easy for you at least saying positive words.

Sharing good vibes doesn’t cost a single penny then why we are not encouraged to make things simple for others? Bringing complications for others sometimes become the reason of our own problems. If you can't afford to make things simple, at least don't make things complicated by saying negative words. So I always try to help others finding things easier and comfortable.

Life is not always unfair but our perspective can decide how our life should be. A helpful person never step back helping through their words and they help like selfless and they make things simple for their self satisfaction that only come to us when our intention is good for others. This is the topic I was thinking today and just write for you, my friends over there. Hope you all find my words simple.

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