Appeal for financial assistance for my mom kidney transplant

Hello! Everyone

Looks like the toughest new year ever. It's been a while here if I'm to guess well is already 6-7 months of unstable publishing and engagement. Big thanks to those who have been taking time to check on me and my most sincere appreciation to @jamerussell @dreemsteem @merit.ahama @incublus @ibbtammy and @wongi for all the support. It really means a lot.

I sincerely and humbly appeal to everyone for support in raising the necessary funds for my mother's kidney transplant. Seeing her with daily pain and undergoing dialysis three times a week has become a huge burden and has become unbearable. I ought to have made this post some time last month but she's been so refusing to going online and being posted everywhere I could have also attached her image on the bed too.

She was diagnosed with "edema" some months ago at General hospital, ilorin receiving 4 session of dialysis every month which cost $40 which has really been taking alot of money but we've seen no changes but a rising pain, so we decide to take her to Etta Atlantic in lagos days ago. She was diagnosed with traces of anemia too, hmmm it's been really tough. But the current treatment modalities are three sessions of weekly dialysis which cost $20 each and anemia treatment with subcutaneous erythropoietin stimulating agent which cost $60 and $25 respectively on a weekly basis.

I have been trying to secure loans, all effort has proved futile. The only option seems to be a short-term loan with exorbitant interest, which could lead to more problems. I have also tried reaching some people on hive but every suggestion I make is a post. The plan now is how we would keep the dialysis going and planning for the kidney transplant.

We do have some property in Lagos that could be sold that has some worth to take care of the transplant but the agent in charge wants us to give him some months as the property was priced in a distress sale. We really need to do something before then to save her life. So, if we could get the funds for dialysis for some month before getting the money for the property. Please I can't keep seeing her everyday in pains

A little support and donation will really go a long way. I will keep you all updated in the next post. Thanks

Credit: All images were taken with my smart phone

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