Dreem Word of the Week - S1 R1 - Launch (previously POB-WOTW)

Welcome to the launch of...

Dreem Word of the Week



WOTW as a contest was originally created by @calumam (Cal) and known as pob-wotw. When Cal took a break from the blockchain, @scholaris (Felix) picked up where Cal left off and continued to run the contest diligently for the community for many months, but he too has now had to step back due to personal commitments off-chain.

One of the main reasons why I loved pob-wotw and why my heart is so committed to it, is the choice of words for the prompts - they were always very carefully sought out and considered choices, firstly by Cal and later by Felix, oftentimes requiring me to google their meaning and application! They were almost always of philosophical, theological, or intellectual origin, and provided scope for depth of thought, insight, creativity, and introspection. This differentiated them from many of the other prompts that we find on Hive week in and week out. This aspect will not be changing and I hope that the new grading teem will be able to measure up to the same high standard set by Cal and Felix.

It was clear in my conversations with Felix that WOTW was no longer sustainable or scalable under its current format and that it needed both a revamp in approach and a new team to drive it forward.

I held discussions with @dreemsteem (Leah), Felix, and Cal about the way forward for WOTW and then took a proposal to the WOTW community, where it found support.

... and so...here we are 🙂 ... with the next iteration of the legendary WOTW, now lovingly hosted by Dreemport (a curation platform with rewards powered by Hive), and appropriately renamed: dreem-wotw.

For the first 3 months, the contest will be held once a month. If it attracts sufficient support, this may be extended to twice a month.

The word for this round is...


So, what do you need to know about the contest to enter, and what are the fundamental changes?

To answer this, it will be easier to write it as an FAQ:

1 ) What is the key change in submission process?

The Dreemport phase

As previously mentioned, the current format is simply not sustainable, especially if the contest were to experience any upward scaling in numbers (which we would love to see!) A small team is not capable of doing all the necessary checks as well as attending to any meaningful grading of all the posts.

As a result, it was felt that it would be best for the contest to fall under the auspices of the Dreemport project, for Dreemport to handle the backend administration of the contest, and to provide the grading team with a shortlist of entries to grade instead.

All dreem-wotw posts would therefore need to be shared in Dreemport on a specific day each month so that they can be short-listed by public voting the following day.

At the end of the 24-hour cycle, the system will provide an official top 5 reader's favourites.

The Grading Phase

The top 5 will then be graded by the dreem-wotw team in line with the current WOTW Merit grading system devised by @caluman and @scholaris. The top 3 graded posts (excluding staff) would become the official winning entries in dreem-wotw and would earn dreem-wotw prizes. DreemPort staff and grading teem are able to write to the prompt but are not able to submit their posts to Dreemport and will not be ranked along with the public. Staff will have a separate prize pool.

Where must I post?

Contestants will be allowed to enter dreem-wotw posts created on any platform and within any community - this promotes greater inclusivity and engagement opportunities BUT they will be required to share the URL for their dreem-wotw entry in Dreemport on a specific contest submission day set aside by Dreemport specifically for dreem-wotw, in order to be considered for any of the dreem-wotw placings and prizes. They will therefore need to register on Dreemport, which is a quick and easy process, and the following two articles give a clear idea of the benefits and ease of use of the platform.

How do I use Dreemport? - it's easy!

Building a better name with Dreemport

If anyone has any difficulty registering and trying out the platform, please tag me or @wrestlingdesires or @juliamulcahy here on this post and we will help you to get this little admin bit out of the way as painlessly as possible 😊

For the first round of season 1(S1R1), the submission date is:
Thursday 28th July 2022 (STRICTLY between 4 am UTC and midnight UTC)

All entries will be screened by Dreemport screeners for plagiarism, and copyright infringement (all images must be credited back to the original photographers, and URL links to those images on royalty-free sites MUST be provided).

At present, Dreemport staff and the grading teem will not be able to submit their entries to the Dreemport platform (a staff submission pool is in planning so we hope that in the near future this will become possible 😊). However, in the meantime, staff and the grading teem can indeed still take part (although only staff will be eligible for prizes within the staff pool)... see further FAQS for how to do this.

2 ) What form should my entry take?
You may respond to the dreem-wotw prompt through any of the following original and creative pathways: discursive essay, short story, or poetry. You may include original artwork in your submission as part of your interpretation of the prompt but the focus for grading submissions will be on the written content.

3 ) When should I publish my entry on my blogging platform and share in Dreemport?

This is a VERY VERY IMPORTANT change in the WOTW grading process.

You may publish your entry on your home blogging platform whenever you choose, however, it is suggested that you publish on the same day that entries are required to be shared in Dreemport, if you wish to align voting windows on your blogging platform with the timeframes over which Dreemport curators will be viewing your post and dreem-wotw grading teem will be grading. For this first contest round, the submission date for Dreemport is: Thursday 28th July 2022 (strictly between 4 am UTC and midnight UTC). Please note...this is not simply the deadline date...


4 ) Engagement metrics
In order to promote healthy community engagement, we are asking all participants in the contest also to share a link to their entry, in the comments below on this contest post. All participants (including staff) are then asked to read and comment on at least two other entries (in the original entry posts) and then to come back to this contest post and give a thumbs up 👍 to the related URL comments below. If a URL link has received 2 thumbs up already, you are requested to select a different post to read and comment on so that we try to get engagement for every single post entered in the contest. You may engage with more than 2 participants if you wish and you may then give more URL links a thumbs up to indicate how many engaging comments you have made! Engagement will be one of the metrics used for grading. This was something that scholaris and calumam considered to be very important when they ran the contest.

5 ) Staff entries
Until we have a staff curation and ranking pool in Dreemport, we will need to rely on a slightly more manual process. In this regard, please could all staff who enter ALSO add the following emoji under their URL link below: 🐯
This will flag to the grading teem that it is a staff entry. For now, staff entries will be shared out amongst the grading teem and each staff entry will be read and graded by at least 2 members of the grading teem (subject to volume of entries). If we exceed 10 staff entries, then, until an alternative Dreemport staff submission pool is created, a random draw will need to be done instead. The top 2 staff will receive dreem-wotw prizes from a separate staff prize pool.

6 ) Summary of entry requirements

  • Write a creative response (discursive essay, short story, or poem) to the prompt: sanctuary on any blogging platform and in any community.
  • Share that post in Dreemport on Thursday 28th July, 2022 between 4 am UTC and midnight UTC).
  • Share the URL link to your post in a comment to this contest post.
  • Support at least 2 other writers who have entered the contest and confirm your support by giving their URL link here a thumbs up.

Which tag should I use?

The new tag to be used for the contest will be dreem-wotw as the contest will be hosted by Dreemport, and the primary token associated with the contest going forward will be the dreem token. By using the tag, it will enable others to find your dreem-wotw entries more easily going forward.

Three contests in one!!!

1 ) Participation prizes:

There will be a random draw for all entrants once submissions close on Thursday 28th July. The first non-staff and staff entry drawn using random.org will receive a 150 points ecency boost to their post... 🙂.

All URL link comments on this contest post will also receive a mix of PIZZA, ALIVE, LUV, and LOLZ bot token calls.

2 ) dreem-wotw final graded placings:

Special thanks to @dreemsteem for Dreem token sponsorship.


1st - 500 Dreem Tokens, 250 Ecency points, 50 POB
2nd - 250 Dreem tokens, 150 Ecency points, 50 POB
3rd - 125 Dreem Tokens, 100 Ecency points, 25 POB

1st - 250 Dreem tokens, 150 Ecency points, 50 POB
2nd - 125 Dreem tokens, 100 Ecency points, 25 POB

3 ) One off mini- draw:
Every non-staff participant who registers on Dreemport before the 7-day payout on this contest post ends, and shares a screenshot of their Dreemport profile in a comment to this post, will be entered into a random draw, and one person will win 250 Ecency points. Note: If you registered on Dreemport at any time after reading my previous post Finding Sanctuary... ie: anytime from 20th June, 2022 onwards, you may also take part in this mini-draw by sharing a screenshot of your Dreemport profile in the comments to this post).

Grading teem:
There are currently 6 members on the dreem-wotw grading teem. These roles are currently voluntary roles, although adhoc disbursements may be made in the interim if funds allow. The current grading teem consists of:

@alekst7 @wrestlingdesires @iskafan @juliamulcahy @itsostylish @samsmith1971

If anyone else is interested in becoming part of the grading team, they can drop me a message in discord at: SA_Sam1971#1299 to be considered, as future needs arise.

Although upvoting this post and reblogging is not required to enter, any and all efforts to promote the contest will be much appreciated. If anyone would like to provide additional sponsorship for the contest, please contact me in discord.

The following people expressed an interest in taking part in dreem-wotw:

@buezor @riverflows @chincoculbert @fragozar01 @joseph23 @mineopoly
@zyzymena @corporateay @cool08 @morenow @mrenglish @teknon @lightpen @ijohnsen @ayesha-malik @amberkashif @deraaa @leeart @funshee @aroojkhalid @beeber @mmykel @tengolotodo @adoore-eu @harryjoe5432 @blackdaisyft

A few more that I think may be interested:

@repayme4568 @esther-emmanuel @jaxsonmurph @litguru @lordtimoty
@kemmyb @b0s @queenstarr @erh.germany @diebitch @bobthebuilder2 @vikbuddy @flamistan @d-pend @wongi @memeisfun @edystringz @coquicoin @ifarmgirl @kenechukwu97 @mcyusuf @penderis @darthsauron @jfuji @dibblers.dabs @khaleesii @cescajove @whywhy @palomap3 @merit.ahama @hopestylist @maryjacy @stevehodl @intishar @acgalarza @idksamad78699 @unklebonehead

Please let me know if you would prefer not to be tagged. I will add anyone new to the tagged names.

Cover image Sanctuary by nico_blue in canva pro library

2nd image Candle by D-Keine in canva pro library

Dreemport banner used with permission of @dreemsteem and @dreemport and designed by @jimramones

Writer 'nd a Half banner created by @penderis and used with permission.

Teem Banner created by @juliamulcahy and used with permission.

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