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Today I will tell you what are the benefits of reading a book.. Often you must have seen that some people always keep reading books.. Some like to read comics and some are nobble..It is said that book is man's best friend.. We get to learn a lot from book..

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Nowadays people are so lost in the mobile world that they like to spend most of their time on social media.

You will know that great people in the world also had the same habit that they all used to read books.. Mahatma Gandhi, Ratan Tata etc.

benefit of book reading

1- By reading a book our mind remains active or a new idea comes in our mind..

2- Concentration increases..

3- Sleep is good..

4 - Loneliness goes away..

5 - The way to talk comes.

How many people read daily book.. Who likes to read book, tell in comment

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