No one is unlucky. Hold onto this

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“Luck always seems like it belongs to someone else.”

David Levien

Happy new week people! I hope you are ready to grind more than last week? Yes, one thing we should never fail to forget is being grateful for everything that happened last week.

Those challenges, situations and circumstances, failures, blessings, favour, those friends who turned up, those who disappointed, the places you went to, but were turned down, places you went to and gave you that beautiful smile, the moment you woke up each day and realize all is gone, the moment you woke up and saw you hit the jackpot.

The moment you realized he or she wasn't truthful to you, the moment you felt great in yourself, the goals you worked hard on but met some unexpected circumstances, etc. Be grateful for everything.

Be grateful that you could wake up each day last week to eat something. Be grateful you could walk out of the house and see someone begging and you have something with you. Be grateful for the siblings you fought with. Be grateful for them because you laughed with them at the end.

Be grateful because you aren't hurt. Be grateful for the pains they caused you. Be grateful for the lessons you came across, the good and bad ones. Always be grateful. Be grateful for the one who is lucky now but you aren't. It doesn't mean you won't be lucky.

“Everyone is lucky, we are all lucky, but it comes at different times and ways.”

I am reading a book, almost done though and there are many lessons I learnt from it. One of them is the title above which I would be narrating so you can get a glimpse of my sayings.

Kate and Alicia have been friends for a long time. Kate stays in San Francisco while Alicia stays in Los Angeles. Kate has a boyfriend they have been together with for years but just a little issue separated them. She cried and talked to her friend about it.

Alicia suggested she comes to LA so she would forget about him completely. She arrived in LA and met Alicia and her fiance who would be getting married soon. The engagement ring she saw on her finger made her remember her break-up with her boyfriend.

When she took her home, she saw how beautiful the house is. It has a swimming pool on the rooftop of the house. As they were talking, Kate felt sad and told Alicia that she is lucky to have such a caring man who had it all and showered her with love.

Alicia said they have many times broken up and come back together. Those were her hard time but she chose not to get worried over it just like Kate.

“Alicia, you are very lucky.” Kate said.

Alicia said, “We all are lucky, it only comes at different times and ways”.

This is the truth about everyone. God has created us so well that we only need to be patient for our own time to come.

Everyone is lucky at different times and in different ways. Your way isn't my way and what I may achieve today and you haven't achieved, doesn't make me lucky and you unlucky. It's just that your time hasn't come yet and the ways with which it will be achieved haven't been made yet.

That is why I feel sad when people are trying to bring another person down just because they aren't patient to see what is ahead of them and understand that everyone is lucky at different times.

There is time and season for every one of us to make it and succeed in whatever we are doing.

When it rains, it sends down showers of blessing. The rain has its purpose and that makes it lucky but it doesn't make the sunny season to be unlucky because it will shine when the time comes.

Your friend made it before you doesn't mean you aren't okay or lucky too. It is your friend's time and everyone is different. Wait for your time and have the belief that your lucky time will arrive when you are being patient and trusting God.

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