I want to do many things but not enough money to do

Hive is pumping but I have no Hive to buy other tokens or to sell for Fiat. I am want to do many thing. I want to buy more SPS, DEC, PLOT, BRO and some other tokens. I also want to buy some Splinterlands assets. I also want to add more tokens in liquidity pool. But I do not have money to do so.

I also want to buy packs and cards in risingstargame. I also want to be a starbits millionaire. I also want to give starbits and cards to other. (By the way I will make a giveaway tomorrow using beyondhorizonmm account).

Many things are happening in Hive and Crypto world. I can not keep up this. I need a lots of money to participate in every event.
Many nft are coming.

One of them is here:


I think I am just a poor guy. I feel so sad about it. Crypto is like an endless pit. All event are coming continuously. Which one I have to choose.

There is a saying that "Man are greedy". Why should I not be so greedy?

Image from vectorstock is used

I am feeling joyous and depression at the same time. When I get money I am happy. When I am thinking about what I want to do, I am depressing. My mode is low and high.

How do you feel today? Are you feeling the same like me?

Thanks for reading my post. I feel relief a bit after telling you what I feel.

See you until next post.

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