Just Keep Sailing

I was stuck in the middle of thinking about what topic to write as I was preoccupied with many things to do at hand. So I opted to take a breather and my mind told me to scan my posts to find a motivating topic. That's how we could beat writer's block. Resting, reading, and letting our thoughts and imagination be expressed through our fingers.


There are really times that we seem stuck in the middle of the road and undecided about which path to follow. Oftentimes, we find ourselves confused or frustrated in which direction to go, left, right, or middle? Because we don't even know what lies at the end of the road and are unsure if we are channeling to the right way.

But sometimes, our feet would voluntarily drag us to places we are unawarely destined to step on. To learn something new and grow as a person.

Taking down memory lane...

When I stepped out of school, I shortly ventured out into a new world and sailed my boat even if I wasn't certain where exactly to dock. Staying in the comfort of my home wasn't helping as I couldn't visualize a good future if I stayed longer in my abode. Besides, I was concerned that my knowledge from the course I have taken might faint if unused for a long period of time, especially since the skills I acquired needed constant application and training.

I just continued sailing until I found the right one. After a few years of working just within my province, an opportunity knocked on my door to try a new field of expertise. However, that required me to change my direction and anchor my boat away from our territory, which means, away from my family. I was undecided when I received the memo as an introverted person doesn't like socializing with others and meeting new people. But then I realized that if I would just stay within our localities, I wouldn't experience new things and explore new spots.

Courageously, from Eastern Visayas, I traversed the vast ocean to Central Visayas for the first time even if deep inside, I was struggling with my emotions and mind. There were a lot of what-ifs and concerns in my mind regarding the working area, the new people I'll meet, the expectations, and my family that I would leave behind as it would be my first time to be far away from them.


Fortunately, my worries were gone shortly after meeting with new people with the same interests as mine. The new place also taught me to become adventurous, explore new things, and be outgoing. Despite being in a different place, I found a new home and family that helped me overcome homesickness. Then the day came that I have to sail back to our island as necessary training was done, which means, leaving my newfound family again.

I left the island and sailed back to our province and traveled from West to North and started a new journey where I met people I wasn't comfortable working with. Then my passion for working in that institution faded and coincidentally, my beloved mother called for my help in which I have to resign from work.

Fast forward...

Things were better until devastation happened that opted me to stay longer at home again and helped my family recover from the havoc. My jigsaw puzzle life became even more complicated to solve when I fought against my father and eloped due to fear and shame.

I ran away from home and family and a new journey commenced. It seemed complicated at first, but after a while, I realized and understood the purpose of the sudden change of direction of my boat. It was quite tough to anchor it alone, so oftentimes, I just let the wind control my voyage.

Until I get hold of it and learned how to anchor the boat by myself and stood on my own feet without relying on anything and anyone. I rendered my own blood, sweat, and tears and worked 12/6 to prove to my father that I can live my life on my own without his support.

Then unfortunate circumstance happened that I have to go back home and it led to reunion and reconciliation. I lost a special person in my life as he crossed the bridge of life due sickness, yet, it lead to reconcilation and fixed the once broken relationship with my father.

The harmony within the family was restored and I was inspired to venture out of the country to save for my future and help the people I love.


I flew overseas, crossed the vast water from the Western Pacific Ocean to the South of Asia, and stepped on a foreign land full of fear, yet determined to overcome it. And the number of challenges and happiness of working abroad I encountered gave me lessons and motivation to continue sailing regardless of the strong winds and storms in my way.

Indeed, life is like sailing a boat where we could navigate our journey and choose where to go to. However, challenges in our way would sometimes make us change our decision and direction and just allow the wind to control our journey. As the adage goes, everything happens for a reason and that includes the unexpected changes of the direction when sailing our boat.

But what matters here is how we learn to sail our boat and control our sail, especially during storms where we have to conquer the strong winds and waves without compromising our journey and losing our focus until we reach our ideal destination.


And that's how my boat sails after school.

Thanks for reading.


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