My girl

What grounds you?

I always thought I was a boy mom. I have never been a girly girl, though I could pretend well enough. But if I actually gave birth to a girl, how well could I pretend? Wouldn't I ruin her?

Surprise, our last baby was born... "It's a girl!"

I was thrilled ..and terrified.

That terror didnt last long. She came into our lives like this whirlwind of energy, this force of love and giggles. She magnified all my best traits and minimized all my worst and made me into a better mommy than I could have ever dreemed.

Through the years, she has been my little shadow. Always wanting to try new things with me, always thinking that I was capable of things that should have made me shrink in fear. But my brave bold brilliant beautiful girl was egging me on, believing in me, making me feel 50,000 feet tall.

She's about to get married in a few months to an amazing young man who has been like another son to us since the beginning! People ask me if I'm sad...if I'm ready...

I'm ready because she inspires the kind of faith in her widsom and dedication that you simply know she sill be able to be an amazing wife and mother, and grow even stronger and more brilliant with each trial that comes along.

Im not sad, because she isn't going anywhere. No matter where she is, I carry her with me in every moment. Her fire has branded me ...I wear her mark, telling the world that I'm hers and she is mine.

No matter whst I go through, I know she is not just available but fights to be first in line for hugs and support and cheering me on. She has called herself my #1 fan ever since I can remember, but she's the star, and I'm in the front row with a VIP backstage pass for all the moments I can share with her.

This baby girl of mine grounds me, while pushing me to soar too❤️

I hope you enjoy these snippets of our life together!

All images are mine❤️

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