Ethical Concerns Of Self-Driving Cars!

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Today I was working on one of my assignment of ethical concerns of Self-Driving Cars. As I considered It as thought full post and wanted to share with my HIVE audience so here I am!

I used these links for my only brain storming before answering my assignment:

What are Ethical Issues? SOURCE
The Ethics of Self-Driving Cars SOURCE

After brainstorming on the topic it was my time to write ethical concerns that came to my mind(reminder that they are 100% mine, although I brainstorm my self from above resources)!

  1. The car should not speed (x) in (x) km within properties like hospital, schools etc.
  2. The car should not leak any user privacy and the data should not leave the car’s system and have all type of risks analyses related to user privacy to be taken care off.
  3. If car is in Auto-pilot mode and had an accident the damage of either life or property should be the responsibility of issuing company.
  4. If car had to decide between two Life, the decision should not be based on social status or age of two people.
  5. The car should never break of any traffic rule even if signal is red and road is clear.
  6. The car should reduce the fuel and energy consumption as compared to human driving it (this concern was specially added as companies can't gain monopoly of any form related to fuel or energy).
  7. The car should have a feature to turn off auto pilot at user’s will.
  8. The car should not allow any other authority other than the driver to choice it’s destination like government, agencies or any authority even if required in serious conditions to maintain user's privacy and rights.
  9. The car should know when to ethically take decision to dim lights.
  10. The car should not have any build in automatic weapons for any purpose.

For the assignment purpose 10 points were enough and it is submitted already. What are your thoughts about this topic? Can you point out any other ethical concerns related to Self-Driving Cars?

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