None gives it to you, you have to take it

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One of the most famous philosophers in my country Watayo Fakeer, who was a sufi as well proved this. It is one of the most renowned incident here in Sindh and in the neighboring areas. Watayo was genius who understood the human psyche.

People used to think that whatever is destined for us will be ours no matter what and Watayo being a humorous guy, tried to prove it. He went and sat by a tree waiting to see if someone feeds him. Legend was that God feeds you even if you don't put effort of any magnitude.

After sitting there for a while Watayo realized that it was getting darker and he was afraid of the wild animals. He then climbed the tree and waited for someone to arrive. In the meantime he had decided that he will not ask for food rather wait for someone to give it to him voluntarily. A villager who had seen him in the morning arrived with food at night but couldn't find him anywhere. Watayo had seen him but to continue his experiment he stayed silent but when he realized that the villager was leaving and that he was hungry he decided to get down and take the food from the villager.

Watayo concluded that none gives it to you, you have to take it. You have to put effort in what you wish for yourself.

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