WRC Portugal-Hive Car's first visit to our lands (Hive Experience)

Saturday was Rally day, as you may know, Hive has a car in the race and I was approached on the Portuguese community's telegram about this initiative and the offer of some invitations, to one of the best car shows in our country

In this post I will talk a little about the structure created for the event.
I left the house at around 6 am as it was supposed to start at around 8.05.
The location was easy to find using GPS, but I lost a few minutes near the location due to the road being closed due to the event.
I would like to thank Rallypass, @cryptosimplify for informing me about the existence of these invitations and @valueplan for providing me with this experience.
Rallypass, “is the entire experience of that specific rally location”, this pass includes breakfast, lunch and drinks with a description ranging from water to beer and various types of juice.
When I arrived I ended up looking for a place where I could stay and started checking what was nearby and also a possible “spot” that could take enhanced photos of Hive's car. The location for the full experience ticket on the section was Felgueiras, more precisely in Monte de S.Quitéria

I found the rallypass entry point and entered the show hadn't started yet.
From there, when I looked to my right, there were already a lot of people getting ready to watch the rally.


I left the "rally pass" enclosure and went to check out the views on the same side I was looking at


From there it was possible to see the rally ticket office in its entirety, and the trail in front with about 100 meters of descent and a U-shaped curve.

I went back to the space designated for the "rallypass" and there was breakfast ready and waiting for me, I was also hungry as I woke up at 6:30 am and at that time it was around 7:40 am, when I ate these fantastic cupcakes. coconut and natural orange juice, as well as a croissant with ham and bread
After breakfast, a short coffee break. Very typical of Portuguese people in the morning.

Meanwhile, the cars were already preparing to advance along the dirt roads. Since I still managed to capture this driver with his Ford Fiesta Rally3 inflating the tires, which I think he is doing because of the place where the cars were parked there is about 40km of highway and would probably damage the tires if they were in his way. normal pressure.
However, I have no knowledge of rallies as this is the first time I have seen a competition of this nature.

Are you excited to see the hive car? I was too, wait for the next post, to see @ssekulji run

Thanks for reading, see you in the next post talking about the
rally test :)

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