Super special stage of WRC Acropolis Rally Greece again on big stadium

Hi, friends!

I always wrote that super special stages are just for massive number of fans and opposite to the normal special stages where you can see the cars only on one or a few more connected corners.

I know the feeling when you drive in front of the numerous fans, you just give 120% of yourself. I know that I would drive much better if the fans are on every single corner of the rally. I just have to make that switch in my head that I must drive the whole rally like there are fans on every meter of the special stage.

Acropolis Rally Greece is a legendary rally event and it was very long in a calendar but because of the bad economic climate in Greece, it lost it's slot on the World Rally Championship draft.

But now it is back after the last year's comeback and it will stay in WRC for a few more years, that's for sure because the organizers have the signed contract with promoter and the FIA.

Costs to organize a WRC event are very high so the easier way to collect the money is to sell the tickets. That's why Greek organizers decided to make a stadium super special stage and that way they could sell at once at least 10.000 tickets.

And if they will do it two days in a row, like they did in the past, that would be even better for them.

Acropolis Rally Greece is one of the toughest events but also very interesting to follow and we will see how will pass this car breaker.

Let the best win - as always...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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Grab a beer and enjoy!


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