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Hi guys, I hope you are still doing well.

Today I show you another shot from an epic creative night with my LP buddy Maddin.
We spent the night under the Mittelland Kanal, near Hannover in Germany. Just before sunrise this last shot of the night was taken.

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āž”ļø Another Dimension - Lightpainting Photography on Hive

The camera was mounted on my camera rotation tool (CRT) and we started the exposure at a 45 degree angle. First the steel construction was illuminated.

Then the light trails were created with an acrylic rod and two different colour filters. From left to right in one colour, changing the colour filter and then again with the new colour from right to left.

Finally, I turned the camera 180 degrees and illuminated the steel structure of the bridge again. Done!

I miss these nights very much and hope it will soon be possible to spend the night with creative people again.

Keep smiling!
Stepko šŸ˜Ž

The image was taken in several steps, during a longexposure. Nothing is added or removed in post processing.

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