The Spiral


Last night I poked my head outside and noticed the sky was clear so I threw my gear in the car and headed out to this lonely old country road near Coraki to do some light painting under the Milky Way.

For months I've been scouring Google Maps and my Planit photography app in search of a road that has the Milky Way rising above it as such and a couple of weeks ago I found this spot. Turns out the road isn't as 'lonely' as I thought....I think I had to move my camera and tripod off the road about 20 times due to trucks and cars zooming past at a miilion miles an hour. I'm lucky to be alive!!!

Nah, it wasn't so bad. I spent about an hour or so trying different ideas, this was actually the last shot for the night.

The tool I used here was a clear acrylic tube attached to the RGB control unit of the FiberFlies Pixel Whip. It has a nice rainbow colour setting.

This is a single exposure:
10mm, f/4.5
ISO-3200, 33secs

Edited in Lightroom

If you would like to see more lightpainting then please give "Lightpainters United" a follow @lightpaintershub

Hive LP.jpg

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