There's something about waving lights in Padley Gorge

Over the years, @fadetoblack and I have visited an ethereal forest of ancient sessile oak trees known as Padley Gorge. There seems to be a micro climate in this gorge amongst the barren peaks of Derbyshire. All of the trees look like they've been tortured by the weather but yet they still cling on to life. In the evenings we sometimes get lucky with mist descending in the valley and this makes for a great place to practice a little lightpainting.

This is Tim aka @fadetoblack posing with the assistance of a vape machine since there wasn't much fog on this occassion. Sometimes simple is best:


This was an experiment with a camera rotation tool where Tim kindly posed on the footbridge over the river running through Padley. All shot in one exposure where the lens was rotated on it's lens axis:


On another occasion in Padley, I managed to bag this camera rotation effort where the camera is panned across before it's rotated:


And finally, a post from Padley couldn't be passed by without bragging rights! This shot won 1st prize in the Oviedo Lightpainting Awards 2017 in Spain! This was shot on an enjoyable evening with a bunch of ne'er do well lightpainters including a guest all the way from Australia, Aaron Martin.

Shot in one photographic exposure, this is not a Photoshop creation. The process involved lens and tripod swapping with a certain amount of OCD involved:


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I usually specialise in shooting lightpainting images but occasionally dabble in urbex and artistic model photography. I'm always on the lookout for someone to collaborate with; please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to create art.

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