Knowing whom to please "Happy Sunday"


Hello Family!
I believe we all had the best and most pleasant night rest.
I have a question for us today, and it goes as thus;

Have you ever tried so much to impress someone?
Have you displeased yourself often times or some times to please another?
How about going the extra mile of giving up and forsaking some things just to make the other person happy?
Would you tell me you’ve never sacrificed your own happiness even for once just so your loved ones can be happy and joyous?

If all the above question is a YES, then I am speaking to you.
If all you do is live everyday of your life trying to impress someone or please them then you are not on the right track, please refrain.
You weren’t birthed to live your whole life pleasing men.
The same energy and effort you invest into impressing fellow men, you can use it and even more to please your maker; GOD.
He is the only reason and purpose of your existence on earth
He only deserves all the your trying impressions
He only should you seek to please every step of your life.
For in Him we live, move and have our whole being.

Happy Sabbath Day!

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