God bless your new age


I watched you grow from an infant; tiny baby to a teenager
You’ve been the best gift to us
You gave me a chance to be a big sister
You are the most annoying but sweetest brother ever
The way you drive me insane with your constant disturbance and troubling I can’t phantom
You are smart and very unique
You always and will keep amazing us and making us proud
You are God’s own heritage and nothing can sabotage God’s plan for you
Nothing can hindered his blessings upon your life
You were born with special abilities to better the world
You were born for a purpose that will and must be fulfilled


Being the first male child means a lot, it means a lot of responsibilities is rested upon your shoulders but I am happy to announce to you that God will see you through it all
Every wicked and evil plan concerning your life shall bear no fruits
The fight and battles of every first male child you shall overcome and conquer Amen

You are a blessing to humanity
A shining star to your generation
You are a blessed child
You are favoured by God

Happy birthday brother
Happy birthday my trouble person
I wish you long life, prosperity and more
May you rise above your equals
May your life impact others positively
May you always shine bright and stand out at every corner you may find yourself
May you consciously and unconsciously be an example to others
May you live your days and years pleasing the father
May you fulfil the purpose to which you were created for and in an early stage, Amen!

Cheers to your new age dear
I love you…

Happy Birthday Day!

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