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Our relationship with Christ is to be a joyful one, the reason for our joy shouldn't be in material wordly things alone but the following

It is the joy of Christ:.

" .. that my joy can be in you "(John 15:11). "My joy ... in you ..." Christian life is the Lord Jesus Christ 's life in a man or woman-look up Galatians 2:20 and Colossians 3:4. Christian joy is the love of Christ in a Christian, and that means that this deep-down, everlasting love is found none other than in Him. Other sorts of joy are found everywhere, but His joy is contained in Him alone.

It is Joyfulness:

"... that your joy can be absolute" (John 15:11). There is a significant difference between the joy and the happy fulness. The vessel can be filled in partially or entirely. The desire of our Lord for us is that we should continually experience the fullness of joy-

It is eternal joy: "he in you can be my joy" (John 15:11). Note in these verses the term "remain"-4, 5 , 6, 7, 9, 10. By "remaining" in Him and "remaining" in us means that His joy will be in us forever. Our joy is not a lifelong event, but an occasional one. It is a joy that is not influenced by conditions-see what the Lord said in John 16:22 to His disciples. These our Lord's first followers were to go through many trials and tests, but He told them that nobody could deprive them of their joy

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