Me and my God (part 2)


People are different in their own way in this life, divers in community, divers in emotions and thoughts, divers in art, divers in faith e.t.c.
But there's only one way of seeing a person that's called "identity." What really gives an identity to a man is his life, his life that consists of his family, his mates, and most of all, his beliefs.
Without what he believes, a man (or a person) can never be complete, for what he believes is the core of his decisions.
Now when a man's thinking and belief is focused on God, his actions will naturally be based on what will please God, and his blessings linked to obedience.

The identity of a man in what he believes is based on what he would be judged (people expect a person to do what they preach, whether good or evil).
The identity of a man is very essential and vital, so remember to dress well, to act well, to speak well, to smell well, to act well for all, to make new friends and to make a positive impact on their lives. And don't forget, your earth identity will decide your afterlife identity ......

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