Good works are the fruit of faith

Blessing be with you all, in this #HeartChurch Community.

True faith will necessarily manifest itself in good works, because good works are the fruit of faith. When God acts in the heart and a person submits his will to the Lord and cooperates with Him, he does in life what God brings through His Holy Spirit; and then there comes a harmonious agreement between the intentions of the heart and practical life. All sin must be rejected as an abomination that crucified the Lord of life and glory, and the believer must embark on the path of spiritual growth by doing the works of Christ. It is by constant submission to one's own will, by constant obedience that the blessing of justification is obtained.


Those who are justified by faith must be determined to follow the Lord's way. The first sign that a person is not justified by faith is his works that do not correspond to his confession.

James says: "Do you see that faith helped his works and by works faith was perfected?" (James 2:22).

Simply where there is faith, good works appear. A believer visits the sick, cares for the poor, does not leave widows and orphans uncared for, clothes the naked and feeds the hungry - this is the duty of a good Christian. Christ walked doing good, and if people are one with Him, they love God's children, and meekness and truth guide their steps. Their expressions bear witness to their experience, and people recognize them as walking with Jesus and learning from him. Christ and the believer become one, and the beauty of His character is revealed in those who are associated with the Source of strength and love. Christ is a great reservoir of justifying righteousness and sanctifying grace.

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