Heaven Is My Home | Daily Motivation #070

Praise be to God for His mercies endures forever.
I stand today by the special grace of God to say Thank You for your support and encouragement given to me since the beginning of this challenge.

Special thanks to these following hive users for their outstanding support given to this challenge.

@onealfa, @ecency (all the curators of esteemapp owned by @good-karma), @shemzy @felt.buzz @daniella619 @felixgarciap @sniffnscurry @gudnius.comics @sc-v @elpastor @praise-eu @payroll and many others....

I also want to thank HeartChurch and steemchurch community members for their encouraging votes.

God bless you in Jesus name, Amen.

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As you continue to read my posts on this challenge, may God enrich you with what you want in Jesus name. Amen.

Stay safe

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