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She told me do not worry, everything is going to be alright, i was sad and she looks at me and said to me, "I want you to know you are amazing.


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What is it! cheer up, do not frown your face, tell me, what is the matter? what is bothering you dear one, I know you tends to get furious at times unnecessarily, I was short of words, I went closed to her and whisper to her ear, it was so hard on me, that I have to used my tuition fees.

"I do not want to repeat my semester" she told me "I will give you the tuition fees again, when you are going back to school, cheer up son, is too early to be sad.

Her words were like Magic in the air, mother's are the greatest gift, "I am happy to have you, dear mum, but I must promise you, never to let you down again"

"I wish you look straight and know times is going. mother's replied to me.

I got myself involved with students who are not serious in school and the worst of it was that, i would not pay my fees when given to me, I was stubborn and hard to every decision, I used to see myself high and never to calm down a bit, but one day, my eyes were open when I see that, some of my coursemates have make good grades while I was not going any further.

Michael Regret of his stubborn attitude, his friend Josh, told him not to blame himself too much, the best of it is that, you have learnt your lessons and never to go back again.

Since that day, Michael has been so focused with his studies, he left the unserious students gang, work on his self performance and his academic pursuit, his fellow students were surprised because it was not like Michael, who claims to be one of the top big boys in school, when they see humility in him, "truly he has changed" they said.


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Michael has realized his mistakes and decided to do away with such life, his ways change totally, he was always seen in the library and not in the clubhouses anymore as It was the case before, Michael's new friends were students who do not do away with studies.

He began to perform better, with good grades and was climbing to the best in their class, A competition were conducted in the school, he took part and he was the second students who scored high.

Michael was awarded a scholarship where he was sent to study abroad, his mum became proud of him and so was his siblings, it was always his mum's dreams for him that one day, Michael would make her proud.

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