Overcoming The First Quarter Of The Year

We have every reason to be thankful first for life then good health and everything we can relate to. Happy ending of the first quarter of the year. It is a season of celebration for me, someone may want to ask me why? Yes let me answer that before you ask, the first quarter of the year 2023 is gone and for good.

In my 3 decades and counting I have not come across a quarter so challenging with lots of grief and pain that came with it as this. A times I get to wonder if am the only one in this kind of experience. We get to wear good smiles as we go about our daily activities so as to encourage ourselves and others who are looking up to us. This has been the experience for me this past three months. The height of it came in by February. It took some time to create balance in my emotions.

But in all things give thanks that I have live and healthy despite having to say emergency good bye to some loved ones. When you look strong it may not occur to you what those who are weak are facing. So I encourage someone reading this to look out for that friend who has not be so active to know what's up with him or her, I believe in keeping good friends as everything is not all about financial gain. Thanks to all my friends who looked out for me in this trying time that just passed.

Yeah, April is coming and the beginning of a new quarter. So am coming back to my space again with a fresh vibe. Did you miss my collection? Miss no more am back and sort of stronger even at heart

Good bye March

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