Are we practicing what we preach?


We are living in a time where knowledge and information are abundant.

Every day, we are introduced to new and advanced inventions. However, when we think about the state of humanity and people in general, it can be overwhelming and cause anxiety and depression.

There are many new ways to stay healthy these days. New medicines and treatments can help us catch diseases early and fight them off better. We can even use genetic engineering to control or eliminate some illnesses. It means we can change human cloning or genetic modifications to help people. Overall, these advances are helping us live longer and healthier lives.

Thanks to advances in medical science, we've controlled many genetic diseases and other health conditions. We've even managed to eliminate some illnesses like polio and smallpox.

It's incredible how something as simple as a tablet of medicine can protect human life while, on the other hand, a bullet from a gun can destroy it. It's a powerful reminder to cherish and protect life in all its forms.

In this era, the power of the atom has become significant to the extent that a single atomic bomb could obliterate the world. The production of nuclear bombs, missiles, aircraft, guns, and other weapons costs millions of dollars.

Can you explain the distinction between a facility for newborn infants and a lab creating advanced weaponry?

It's contradictory for a president of atomic power to inaugurate a medical unit in the morning and then encourage a military team to engage in destructive actions in the evening. Protecting life and destroying others are vastly different and opposing objectives.

As humans, we often hold grudges against others and live our lives hypocritically. We may talk about the importance of having peace of mind but struggle to truly understand and achieve it due to our actions not aligning with our words.

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