It's awesome to be here and to give my quota to the development of mankind.
For any sustainable development in the society I believe it begins from an individual before it permeate to the entire environment.

what's personal development?

Personal development entails what an individual do to build relevance and acceptability for growth and development.
Personal development is the ability to improve in one's lifestyle, career, knowledge, skills with the aim of achieving more results. The more you invest in developing your self the more you gain mastery and build competence for greater tasks.
The reason why most organisations folded out is because of the lack of personal development periodically. Knowledge and skills changes therefore there's need to step up in order to meet up with the changing factors by building more capacity.

what are the benefits of personal development?

Make Clear goal

Personal development enables one to set clear goals. Many don't know the significance of goal setting neither how to set realistic goals. The attributes of the goal should include and not limited to being specific with a target, measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and be bounded by Time. That would go a long way to give you focus.

Know what to do.

Personal development will create a premise where you know what to do and how to do it. Which aspects of your life needs improvement? What kind of skill do you need? If such questions are answered, then you will be able to figure out what to do and why you need to do it. Is not everything you need to do at a time. Personal development encourages schedule of task every day.


When you improve your self, you become motivated to venture into more tasks. When more skills are acquired or knowledge added it stirs one to launch into more.


Most people don't know how to balance their work life and family life. It's important to balance the two. Have a time table for your self to monitor your activities.


Personal development is key especially for us on hive where we need to update ourselves with the latest developments in order to maintain our value in the system.

thanks for visiting my blog.
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