Family Bonding Before 2022 Ended... <3

In my previous post, I talked about how I spent Christmas with my cousins. As much as I wanted to spend the New Year's Eve with them, they had to go home. For one, they have to spend it with their own family in their own home. In addition, school starts soon as well, so they have to prepare for it.

Luckily, my uncle *(Godwyn's father) was able to borrow a car from his brother. This way, we'll be able to send my other cousin, Nicole, home. She lives in the southern part of Cebu and is in the countryside. We used to hangout there every time Godwyn's papa is back from work. He's a seaman, so we don't get much chance.

So, before taking Godwyn home with them, the whole family (my parents, aunt, uncle, Godwyn, Nicole and Arashi) went on a joyride to the countryside. <3

I really love the combination of the clear blue sky and the greenery. It's just so relaxing. I really want to live in the countryside again. :) My cousin's house is kind of far from the main road, so we had to walk there. I took some pictures, so I stayed at the back and documented. lol

After a series of houses, we'd reach this small chapel. They had their fiesta last October. And in the far end, you'd see my cousin Godwyn, my aunt, my uncle who is carrying our gifts and papa who is carrying Arashi.

And here's my cousin Nicole while Godwyn is trying to play with the white goat. hahaha

He literally waited there so I could take his picture with the goat. hahah He's such a cutie. By this time, we're almost at my cousin's house. He just had to continue walking for a couple more minutes.

We could see a little part of their house already. haha It was around 4PM when we arrived there. He started our joyride at around 1PM after having our lunch at home. I miss this place. I haven't been here since the pandemic started.

We finally arrived!!! That's Nicole's mama welcoming us to their humble abode. You could also see a coconut trunk. I bet this was destroyed during the super typhoon last 2021.

Papa and uncle were relaxing with Arashi in their veranda, while the mothers and Nicole were preparing some stuff for snacks and dinner. So, where was Godwyn and me?? Welp, it's time for some photoshoot and exploration!!! lol

He enjoyed chasing the chicken... I also took some pictures using his phone for his profile picture for his socials. haha His mama wanted me to take a picture of him trying to get some cacao fruit, but her didn't want to go near it. He's scared of the "Nuno sa Punso" beside it.

(For reference, nuno sa punso which is translated to "old man of the mound" is popular in Philippine mythology. They're dwarf-like spirits living in an anthill. If the anthill (their home) is disturbed, they're easily angered and would seek revenge.)

And so, we took the photo a bit farther from the "nuno". Now, for the exploration part...

Are you familiar with this plant? We call it "makahiya" or "touch me not". It's called that way because when you touch its leaves, it'll close as if it's shy. My older cousins and I enjoy touching them when we were younger... well, I still enjoy doing it with my younger cousins. Haha

Here's another nostalgic plant from my childhood. I'm much older than Nicole and Godwyn. I'm around 10 years older than Nicole and almost 20 years older than Godwyn. I have a lot of cousins my age, but I rarely spend time with them since most of them have their own family already. Also, these two are my favorites. (ssshhhhh)

Going back to this plant, it's called the "Cracker plant" because if you submerge the pods in water, it would explode. We took some and played with it.

Snack time!!! Here's my uncle and together with papa and Arashi. Nicole's mama prepared some ube maja for us. It was delicious! Here's how it looks.

Our mama(s) were busy catching up while preparing some stuff in the kitchen. They're also not keen on having their photos taken. lol

We're going home after dinner on that same day. We only stayed there for a few hours. It was too short, but we plan on going back again! :)

My other uncle (Nicole's father) arrived from work. He's really hardworking. He rarely takes a day off, especially now that Nicole is in college. He's supposed to work overtime again, but since we came, he went home earlier than usual.

Do you remember the short coconut tree in front of their house? My uncle went and took some coconut to take back to the city. hahaha He did this while the others were getting ready to grill some pork.

Here's the fire we're going to use to grill our food. This was also the last picture I took because I got busy spending time with them. Just playing and eating. Mama was able to spend time with her younger sisters again, papa and the uncles enjoyed as well. No alcohol this time, though... we needed to head back to the city that night.

My parents and I arrived home at around 10PM while Godwyn and his family arrived in their place at around 11PM. It was faster than usual thanks to the third bridge and less traffic at night.

It was indeed a fun time with them. Although going here and there in a single day was tiring, it was enjoyable because I spent it with my loved ones. I hope to spend time with these family members again. Maybe, my uncle would work again soon, so it would take some time... but this group would be complete again, for sure. <3

Thanks for checking this post out! I'll end it here. :) See you around! ^^

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