Celebrated Mama's Birthday with Grilled Foods and Karaoke... <3

Although we had a pre-celebration for my mama's birthday last week with Yui's family as I've shared in this post, we still wanted to do some activities together with just the four of us: mama, papa, me and Arashi (our doggy).

We took this photo before our lunch. :) Will show more of these later...

Let me tell you a story first...

Last night, we were talking about mama's birthday. Things like, what she wants to eat and stuff... nothing fancy. One thing she was craving was buko or coconut... and also wanted to have some grilled foods. That way, we could enjoy and bond while grilling.

Papa was able to buy three coconuts, so we placed the coconut water and the coconut itself in this container... and would add some condensed milk.

Mix mix mix... and it's our refreshing beverage to pair up with the grilled food.

While papa was preparing the grill, I also got ready with my phone, speaker and microphone because we're going to do some karaoke while grilling. hahaha But before that, I took some photos of Arashi and mama who were chilling on the table.

Arashi is usually camera shy, but maybe because it's mama's birthday that he is quite cooperative. He has been a part of our family for almost nine years now. He's such a breath of fresh air. He's our stress reliever. <3

Since my phone was being used for karaoke, I borrowed mama's phone to take this photo. I miss this phone... but I can play games more with my current phone. ;)

My grandma (papa's mom) also called to greet mama a happy birthday. She even sang her a song since she knew we were doing karaoke. Mama cried a little. If we have enough budget, we have to visit my grandma again. <3

When this little guy here was finally cooked, it was time for us to transfer inside the house for lunch. We also decided to continue our karaoke session in the afternoon since my classes are only at night. :)

The table is finally set for our lunch... but we decided to do a little photo session before digging in. :) Allow me to share some of our family groufie... <3

It's me and the birthday celebrant... mama <3

A lot of people say I'm the female version of my papa...

Family picture... yaaaay!!!! :)

After having our lunch and washing the dishes, we continued our karaoke session the whole afternoon. It was indeed a very simple yet fun way to celebrate mama's birthday. I hope she continues to have a happy and healthy life for many years to come.

Thanks for checking out this post. I hope you all had a great day, too. I'll be busy with work again this week, but I'll try to blog more. See you around!!! (^^,)/

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