I took my nephew, nieces and my In-law out first time in 2023

I enjoyed the time together with my nephew Kelvin, nieces Amora and Princess, and my in-law Mr Obiora. These family members have spent their vacation at my home since December 2022 till now. Time is up for the kids and they are ready to go back and get ready for the new school term. My inlaw would soon travel back too.

So as promised, I decided to take them out to a close-by eatery and get them some goodies to mark the end of a fun-filled vacation. My youngest sister Blessing also came along to this family outing.

A little about these family members

So before I share this family outing with you, let me briefly introduce each family member that shared the fun together

My inlaw - Mr. Obiora

L-R: me and Mr. Obiora

I took this selfie with my inlaw (on the right). He has been spending some time with us since December. He is married to my younger sister (the fourth daughter of our family). He is a business man and deal on electronics and musical instruments.

Kelvin (Nephew) and Blessing (Sister)

You can see my little nephew Kelvin. She is our third daughter's son. He has been spending his vacation with us since the last school term. My youngest sister Blessing just finished high school and is ready for the next stage of her education. I took this selfie with them on the outing day.

My nieces - Princess and Amora

Princess (seated left) and Amora (right) are my sisters kids. Just as kelvin, they have been with us since the last school term enjoying their vacation.

The family outing was fun

So I took the family to a Crunchies, a popular fast-food chain in my city. I think this is the first time these kids visited here. So they were really excited. Once we arrived, I took them to the kids Swing which was fortunately empty. So we placed the kids on each swing and started pushing the swing. As it rotates, they enjoyed it. I middle a little video of the kids in the swing as you can see below:

After spending some quality time in the swing, we decided to change the fun. I took them to the Dinosaur spring. This is a place the kids could seat on the plastic dinosaur and gallop away some time. So once here, I sat the 3 of them and my inlaw helped to push down and up the dinosaur which created the movement of a galloping horse. Here again, the kids enjoyed the fun as you can see below:

We spent around 45 minutes with the Dinosaur spring and decided we were done. So it was time to buy some stuffs to eat. We went to the Ice-cream section and bought a bowl of ice-cream for each child, fish roll, some grilled beef and a pack of Chi Exotic fruit juice. Then we went to look for a nice place to seat so the kids could enjoy their pricey goodies.

Now you know you the kids really loved everything on the table starting from of course - the ice cream. Each of them took the spoons and started enjoying the ice cream and the fish roll.

You can see Amora enjoying here Ice cream and some of her fishroll. Fun for her.

And here above, Princess is not missing in the action at all. It was juicy.

It was fun, fun and fun for everyone. I ate my beef too and drink some juice. My sister and inlaw also took theirs. everyone was free to eat and enjoy.

We spent close to 3 hours in this place, enjoying our goodies, listening to soft background music and of course, the kids liked the cartoon showing on TV. A thoroughly happy occasion for all present. The smile on our faces below said it all.

So after all the fun, it was time to go. For our parents at home, we got them some stuff to eat and enjoy. So around 4.20pm, we took the kids home. of course, there was time for selfie outside the eatery.


I thoroughly enjoyed this family outing and everyone here did. Right now, they have all gone back to their respective homes. My inlaw has travelled back to his base. The kids have started school at their parents place.

Family outing like this is a great time to bond with family members, create lasting memories and give young ones and opportunity to experience life not as they always know it.

I look forward to another time like this and hope to share family moments with everyone here.

Note: This is my very first post in this interesting community. Hope to connect with all here and engage more too as you share your own family moments.

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