A shoulder to lean on.
Truly,we were not meant to be alone. We need other people in our lives to share in our moments of joy,sadness,anxiety,pain. People who are capable of sticking to us no matter what we might be going through. People who can help shape our lives for the better. People who we can call 'Friends' anytime.
In a world with billions of people,there are ones who stick closer than others. Most interestingly,we can meet them anywhere. Sometimes we don't really plan on meeting new people and making friends with them but some people come into our lives and they don't leave and they're there for good.
Read on to see the closest friends I have made from school. We've known each other since we were 9 or 10(Yeah,that's a line from a song).


Lover of hoodies
Why the name Testimony?
You may ask because I did. Turns out her mom had trouble conceiving for many years and when she finally did got pregnant,she also had complications before the baby 'Testimony' came to stay.
She was my seatmate throughout highschool and that was how our friendship story started. She is a very intelligent young lady, beautiful as well. Her generous personality is one of the things I appreciate about her. She always wants you to be comfortable. When we go shopping together,she won't mind getting me things with her own money without asking for it back
And yes, she's a writer. She started freelancing as a writer even when we were still in highschool. She inspired me to some extent.
She's really slow witted and that is what makes her funny. She laugh at jokes while others are laughing. You'll need to explain to her before she laughs and we tease her about that. She the shortest in the group , although she love to call herself 'petite', it's still the same thing but if she's here she'll argue it's not.


She Visited While I Was Sick And We Ended Up Taking Weird Snapchat Shots

Took Her To Braid Her Hair At A Beauty Shop


She really looks like a Queen.
A dog lover.
My story with her started with the tittle "Don't judge a book by it's cover"
So it was school resumption and for some reason I couldn't resume on the first week. Turns out it was at that time she got transferred to our school. When I resumed the second week,I found out that my seatmate (Testimony)now has a new seatmate (Queen)and they're getting along so well.
I wasn't happy about it. I thought my friend wouldn't want to hang out with me anymore because of the new girl. The thought couldn't go away. But then I tried to put myself in her shoes and I thought"How will I feel if I got transferred to a new school and couldn't find someone to be friends with?" I realized I was being judgemental without getting to know her first. I decided to give her a chance and get to know her and she was really nice.
She's fun to be with and loves Nigerian jollof rice like her life depends on it. She loves being on the internet and learning new things and also trying them. She once mad these amazing pancakes some time when we visited her as group and we enjoyed it.
One thing I love about her is that she's always updated with almost everything that goes on online and she always want to tell her friends what she knows. If you haven't heard it,Queen hasn't heard it either because she'll definitely tell you what she knows.


A Random Day She Visited

She Definitely Loves To Pout


An Aspiring Lawyer

We call her 'Mom' sometimes as a way of teasing her because she does act like a Mom. I think she has the most mature mind in the group and that was how the nickname 'Mom' was birthed. She is a very intelligent young lady. She was always the top of the class,no one dares to take her throne away from her throughout highschool.
She's a foodie. Would literally eat anything
Don't mind me
I mean,as long as it's food,come on!
If she goes to a school party, she's definitely going to come back with a lot of food, sometimes she shares, sometimes she doesn't. But we understand.
She is camera shy and it's on another level. I had to search really hard to be able to find her pictures in my device.
Praise is a straight forward person and she says it how it is. One of the things that makes her special
Excuse her for being blunt,she doesn't sugarcoat words especially when you're in the wrong.
She's not one who is easily intimidated by people,no matter what she says her mind.
She was inspiration to many of our juniors, they'll always want to get her opinion in school and her approval as well. She is generally loved by people because of her unique personality.


Photo Shoot Day At school

I Visited


The always 'there' friend

Ruth is the closest one among all my friends. Our homes are really close so she comes over whenever she wants and vice versa.
Like I mentioned, she's a type of friend that's always there for you. You can always count on her. Whatever happens ands you need her presence ,you surely see her there.
Like Praise, she's really blunt most of the time. She is more blunt than any of us.
Meeting her for the first time,you might think she can even say her name because of how quiet and reserved she appears but when she around people she's comfortable with ,you might not believe it's the same person.
She loves helping people. She'll go with you on every errand,help you with chores around if she can and go miles just to help you
It's never a dull moment with Ruth. How can you be in a room with her and it's so quiet? Never
She always have something to say to you
She can go on and on about topics that are not of serious concern just to keep the conversation going. Something I'm trying to learn.


At Her Home

At A Function


The Extroverted One.
She is both the headache and the life of the group. A child at heart
She looks up to the rest of us for guidance and and support.
She's the type that can call you everyday to check up on you and know how you're doing.
Definitely the party type. She's very active on social media,does her TikTok and other activities.
Her caring personality was what brought me close to her. Although at the time we met she was difficult to put up with but I did put up with her and look who's talking about it now.


At My Home

Over At Ruth's, Exhausted After School.


These are the people I spent my highschool years with. What we had turned into a friendship,the friendship turned into a bond,and the bond will never be broken and the love will never get lost(another line from a song).
Friends help shape our lives either for good or for bad. I have learnt a lot of things connecting with people of different personalities and that has helped me a lot.
Do you have people you connected with at school who are now your best buddies?

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