February, Month Of love and friendship

It's the season of love. What better way to spend this moment than recalling good old memories and counting out things one appreciates about their partners. I'll be writing out a few things about a woman with whom I fell deeply in love with. I never believed in love at first sight until I met her, or rather until I saw her picture. I shall be answering a few provided questions by the family and friends community for this initiative.

Tell us about it:

1.Describe that person in 3 words.

She is unique.

I can say this over and over again. Sarah is a girl that's unique in her own way. Sometimes words fail me to describe her, she's just everything one needs in a woman. Her uniqueness is what distinguishes her from every other lady I've ever met and she continues to be unique everyday.

2.How did you meet?

We actually met in a rather informal way. One evening I was scrolling through my Facebook page when I decided to go through the suggestion section. It was in this section that I saw her among the suggested friends, immediately my whole being connected with her and I decided to check her profile only to realize she was in my school currently studying nursing. Among her friends were my friends, so I chatted them up to help me with her number. Fortunately, I realized she was among the members in one of the group chats I was in on WhatsApp. I decided to have a private chat with her and that was how it began.

3.What were your first impressions when you met this person for the first time?

We decided to meet in person after two weeks. She wasn't all I had expected physically, no body curves and figures but somehow I still felt satisfied with her. Her intelligence, sense of humor, and diligence drew me closer to her than her physical structure.

4.An anecdote that you remember between the two of you?

We had gone out to eat when I bought a catfish pepper soup. Unknowing to me she doesn't like the smell of a catfish and she didn't tell me until I had eaten it. We continued that night talking from afar because she didn't want me to sit close to her.

5.What gifts does the person like to receive and what gifts would you like to receive?

She appreciates gifts that keep memories. It was for this reason that I made for her a drawing of herself on her 23rd birthday.

I don't have a specific gift that I like , but I also appreciate gifts that I can keep. She had gotten me a T-shirt during Valentine 's Day and also singlets and boxers, they were things I appreciated.

6.How important is it to you to have met this person?

Sometimes I feel I never would have gotten someone this perfect if I didn't come across her. She was there all those while, even participating in an online group in which she was a member. I never knew until fate brought us together.

7.What do you admire about that person?

She's hardworking, she's intelligent, she's an encourager , and one who's pessimistic. She has a good sense of humor and always desires growth. This spirit of her has infested me gradually and I could see myself becoming better everyday.

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