Alien Worlds - Stuck Claim Mining Issue Workaround

I have been having trouble today on Alien Worlds when "claiming" my mining reward.

The screen keeps on going 'round and round' on the "Claiming TLM" screen. It normally does it for a while, but today it keeps on doing it without the success message.

I have tried on different PC's and on both my AW account, and my son's AW account. But I do have a solution if you also have the same problem...

My Solution

Go to your Wax Cloud Wallet dashboard ( before mining.

Keep a note of what your TLM total is. Write it down if you want, but a top level note of the figure is fine.

Once you have hit the "Claim TLM" button in AW, go back to your Wax Cloud Wallet and refresh the dashboard. You are waiting to see if the TLM has increased. If it has, then the mining has worked and the TLM is in your account.

At this stage, go back to your AW tab and refresh it. You will have to log in again, go to "mine", and then re-claim your TLM.

It will come up with an "Invalid Hash" error, and will then default back to the mining screen but it now counts down until your next mining opportunity. It does this because you have actually already claimed the TLM, but something in the script has stopped it from exiting the sequence properly.

I hope that this helps everyone!

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