Can One Unknown Guy Start a Movement?

I recently read a post that was touting the benefits of using the HIVE blockchain. One of the reasons given was that your voice could be heard. I must admit, I had my doubts about that one, so I have decided to put it to the test by posing the question, "Can one unknown guy start a movement?" And while I could measure the results from the comments on this post, I have decided to take it one step further and actually try to start a movement.


Let me start off by saying I have no political or moral agenda that I am trying to push here. This is strictly for fun (and maybe a bit of profit). I purposefully decided to make this post using my gaming account rather that the account I usually use for conveying my thoughts and ideas. Very few people know about this account that I am using and even fewer know which account I normally use for making my entrepreneurial posts. That is the "unknown" part of this experiment.

The reason for using my gaming account specifically is because the movement I am trying to start is a general consolidation and promotion of various gaming blockchain communities. There are many good games here on the HIVE blockchain as well as a few others on some other blockchains. Many of these games have thriving communities where players interact on a regular basis. Unfortunately, even though many gamers are involved in multiple blockchain games, most of these communities are segregated.

Personally, I am trying to turn my love of online games into a sustainable income by playing games in which I earn crypto and creating, commenting on, and curating game related posts. As a part of these activities, I have started to become active in several of these communities. However, I wanted a way to follow all of these communities from one listing. What better way to do that than to have a community for all of these gamers to come together. So I started looking for a community where this was happening and could not find an active one. Oh, there are some gaming communities on the HIVE blockchain like the Hive Gaming Community and the Gaming Community Community, but the posts in these groups are not necessarily about blockchain games. Then I found the Blockchain Gaming Community. Unfortunately, this community has had very little activity. Even though it has over 300 subscribers, only two have posted anything over the past few weeks. So, rather than creating a new community, since this one already focuses on the area I am interested in, I have decided to begin utilizing and promoting this one.

Now we get to the movement part. While I do not always get a chance to make posts every day, I will be adding my future (and some of my past) blockchain gaming posts to this community. I will also repost blockchain gaming posts that I find interesting to this community. But a movement requires more than one person. If you have read this far, I can only assume you, too, have an interest in blockchain gaming. If so, I invite you to do the same thing. I would love to see other people utilizing this community to post/interact about their blockchain gaming passion. Join the movement! Join the community!

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