on the trails, again

Fantastic day to resume my running activity which has been stopped for a while due to the workload I've had.
The truth is that I missed it a lot.
I took a ball with me so that Enzo wouldn't get so bored while I jogged along the path that runs along the river not far from the city.

The dog has also noticed the lack of training since he has started very strong but as the kilometers passed, Enzo fell behind a little each time.

The trail was in delicious condition, still soft soil due to the last rains and quite green vegetation which is always good for the eyes.

On a physical level, I am very well, there is no pain and my legs have responded fantastically, on a cardio level this has been something very different, a little high heart rate although I did not want to demand too much speed in my pace. I noticed that my lungs were a bit numb too... it's incredible how a couple of weeks of rest affects the cardio level, don't you think?

Well, in any case, I know from experience that I will recover my good cardio level without any problem as I add kilometers to my training... it all depends on how consistent I am when I go out for a run.

More information regarding my run today will be posted later via @strava2hive .

Keep on running!


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