Last quality training before the race

Pretty hot day to do quality training, however, I had to do it if I want to get a decent time next Saturday in the 5K race.
The "menu" has been 4 repetitions of 1000m followed by 3 repetitions of 400m, I have rested between repetitions for 90 seconds walking... before that I have done a good warm-up of 2km and several sprints in progression and work on mobility and dynamic stretching.


The results obtained are encouraging:

  • First 1000m: 3'48"
  • Second 1000m: 3'47"
  • Third 1000m: 3'46"
  • Fourth 1000m: 3'41"

  • First 400m: 1'20"
  • Second 400m: 1'19"
  • Third 400m: 1'16"

The 1000m intervals are intended to ensure an average pace in the 5K below 4'/km.
The 400m intervals have been more explosive and aim to ensure a good finish to the race...


I don't know, I haven't competed in more than two years, I'm going to try to start conservatively and progress as the kms go by, however, a 5000m is a rather agonizing race, if you make a mistake at the start you may not arrive in good condition...


Keep on running!

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