Alone in the dark again...

I wanted to do something light after yesterday's effort, so today was a short hill run, jogging.
I have taken the opportunity to do some core exercises that also strengthen the upper body and I have enjoyed doing it while it was still dark since the sun did not rise until 7:58"h.

I love this time of day to go for a run, few people, little's a shame that soon here in Europe we will change the time to adapt to winter time...I don't know why the hell this is done, it's more than proven that energy saving is non-existent and that the benefits it entails are less than the problems it causes, especially at the physical level, since it is a change that leaves many of us devastated for a week...

By the way, Have a nice HARDFORK!

(Remember that during these transitions things may go wrong more than usual.)

keep on running!


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