2000m by "feelings"

I was thinking of doing a quiet run, as a recovery from yesterday's run over hills, but as soon as I started jogging I found myself with an incredible desire to accelerate, so, when I had barely 1 km and 200m of jogging, I stepped on the throttle to see if I could maintain an acceptable cruising speed for 2000m and, although it was not easy to do it on the street with so many people in the middle and some traffic lights to jump, I managed to do it in 7 minutes and 41 seconds, that is, approximately 3'50"/km.


And all this without my heart beating very fast, it has barely reached my anaerobic threshold...
Then I have returned to calm and to the piggy jog obtaining a not inconsiderable 6km in 28 minutes.
Excellent toning to continue working in the afternoon...
Keep on running!

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