Hello Friends, So I brought a new action cam. The DJI OSMO ACTION.

For the past few weeks, I been searching for a perfect vlogging camera and I was able to find So many options that fitted my budget, like the Sony ZV1, Canon M200, M50, G7X Mark 2 and etc. but the biggest problem with most of those cameras was that, the point and shoot being tighter frame like 24mm-30mm and for the DSLR we need to buy new and new lenses for changing the field of view and it can be expensive.

A DSLR is not ideal for travel type videography as the camera is bulky, need to carry lenses, gimbal, etc etc. which makes it not travel friendly for that reason it was not qualified for my needs. So I decided to buy a GoPro Hero 9. But sadly currently the GoPro prices in India is so high that made me switch to taking a look at the DJI OSMO ACTION. I really liked the stabilization and video resolutions available for this camera. So I decided to purchase it


I brought the DJI OSMO ACTION from Flipkart for around 20000 Rs and Today I received my order, I am really happy with the Osmo action. As you guys already know, I will give a completely honest opinion about the products that I own. just because I own it I am not going to say it's the best. I haven't got time to test its video quality but don't worry I will be posting the video samples soon in haveyoubeenhere community and I will share the link at the end of the post when it is uploaded. So far I recorded some videos indoor and it was good. The format I recorded those videos was in 4k 25fps

Things Inside the box?

when you open the box first thing you will see is OSMO ACTION itself
Battery inside the DJI case, 2 Mounts, Osmo action cage and Type C USB cable
some paperwork.

I was not able to find any warranty information inside the box that's really odd. If anyone knows about Osmo actions warranty info please leave a comment.

Video Resolution Settings Available Inside Camera

ResolutionFrame rates
720P240, 200

Few little things to mention, which will make us hate GoPro and love OSMO ACTION

img_20210715_162512.jpg full size

  1. You don't need to remove the cage/ case of the Osmo action for charging or taking out the memory card
  2. The front display is more than enough for framing yourself and also the display in the front has great clarity. which makes it ideal for vlogging and also for taking selfies
    (if we exclude hero 9).
    3.Price there is the huge price difference between Osmo action and GoPro
  3. Stabilisation till hero 7 the go pro stabilization is not the best. but the rocksteady is really stable, as I owned a hero 6 I can say that compared to that the stabilization inside osmo action is 100 times better

What do I think about the Osmo action and my Conlusion


An action is always better for a run and gun situation videography as it has much better stabilization, 4k video supports and its waterproof which makes it ideal for content creators

I think the Osmo action is the best option out there, if you don't have the money to buy the hero 9. the gopro is to over priced compared to the osmo action and there is no good reason to get the gopro's which are below hero 9. one best thing about hero 9 and osmo action is that they both have front display which will allow you to frame yourself properly and the size of the screen is more than enough.

the reason why I don't like hero 8 is because of 2 things

  1. the lens in the hero 8 is not removable and replacing the lens can be really expensive
  2. the hero 8 was released after the osmo action but still they didn't included a front screen.

I am 100% satisfied with the OSMO ACTION purchase

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Video sample:-

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