The weather is becoming more and more pleasant, and we go outside more and more (2022.04.29)

We have a pleasant spring weather near the end of April. Currently we are in the evening (currently at 19:10 CEST), and the temperature is still 18 °C outside. When the weather is pleasant, I love to be outside with my Harris's hawk.

I still have not went outside of the garden with her on my arm this year. She have to get used to seeing other people. Nowadays whenever she see someone else (other than me), she screams, because she is not yet used to the presence of others.


Nowadays I live alone, and other people (even my brother) very rarely visit me, and I rarely go near other people with my Harris's hawk on my arm. She very rarely see even the local government workers.


A few government workers came into the garden today evening, and she screamed at them. She will get used to the presence of others over time. This takes time. Probably a few weeks or a few months of regular visits to/from other people.


I took these photos today evening with my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A12). I have not edited these photos.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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